The participation of representatives of NSC «Hon. Prof. M. S. Bokarius FSI» in the ENFSI annual meeting

On May 24, 2023, representatives of forensic institutions of Europe and other ENFSI member countries came to The Hague for the Annual meeting of the European Network of Forensic Scientific Institutions (ENFSI).
The event was opened with a speech by Annemike de Vries, director of science and technology at NFI, permanent representative of ENFSI and organizer of the annual meeting.
The Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands, Mr. Hendrikus Wilhelmus Maria Schoof, addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.
The representative of the National Forensic Laboratory of Slovenia (Ljubljan) Dorian Curzan introduced to the participants of the meeting Sebastiano Battiato, a professor of computer science at the University of Catania, who presented a report on the digitalization of forensic activities.